About Us

Sugared Love is dedicated to providing affordable wellness and lifestyle products that are good for you and our environment. Every product is handmade with only certified organic ingredients and materials allowing for an indulgence in all that is natural. We believe that nothing harmful should come between you and your love for a healthy lifestyle. We strive to bring you back to nature and to help you enjoy and appreciate what is being offered all around you.

Our aim is to help you reclaim the simple ways of gaining your own personal happiness which is why each product is inscribed with its own love phrase. We want to bring you back to love.

The Love Behind Us: In theory, I stumbled upon my destiny and discovered true happiness. This statement definitely rings true for Sugared Love. There are so many things I have mentally prepared myself to accomplish in my life; From my Air Force career to college degrees. Ironically, it was only my heart that lead to Sugared Love. This creation is a reflection of who I am to the core. I initially began hand making only sugar scrubs in early 2013 and as popularity grew among family and friends I moved on to mastering more handmade products and natural finds. The scents are partly inspired by small things that have brought me simple pleasure and have served as reminders of how happiness can be so easily attained. All of my love, kindness and joy have been poured into Sugared Love to bring you a love story you will never forget.

Our Mission: We are all about spreading love, which is why Sugared Love strives to give back to the community through humanitarian efforts, community service and charitable donations.


 Nothing is sweeter than a love that's pure.